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About Kelly Corsino

Real Estate has been in my blood since I rehabbed my first house with my Mom and Dad at age 10.


Years of watching them navigate complex real estate deals gave me a deep appreciation for the impact a robust real estate portfolio can have to secure a healthy financial future as well as potentially leaving behind a legacy that will Bless others.

Prior to becoming a licensed Realtor in 2004, I had a 25-year career in the event product ion world and as an on-stage/on-air personality. These unique experiences taught me how to navigate contract negotiations, deadlines, and personalities.

It has also proven to be of incredible value in this era of YouTube and social media as more and more buyers find their homes through these channels. In a world where the home with the most eyeballs tends to fetch the most offers, it has become imperative to hire an agent who knows how to leverage these platforms.

From Homeowner to Property Restoration Specialist

Investing my own money in real estate, I went from being a home owner to a property restoration specialist (a fancy name for house flipper ).

I’ve restored many homes and was even featured on the Discovery Channel on Flip That House, so I know first hand how to completely restore a home down to the studs and do project management with the contractor(s) and I am well versed in home staging to ensure that every last detail of the home is made as beautiful and market ready as possible.

I love that these skills serve my clients so well!

As a native Californian, who has lived in many different SoCal communities, I have a distinct home court advantage. This, plus my obsessive attention to details, means that my clients can relax and know that everything will be taken care of properly.

As student of Spirituality for most of my life, I bring compassion and Love to all of the parties involved in each transaction knowing that Love is the most powerful force in the Universe and and to serve from that place helps everything flow better for everyone.

My Mission

To create a positive experience while creating win/win deals in beautiful Long Beach, CA. My goal is for each home sale to create feelings of good will, and happiness for both sides. 

Meet The Team

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Jenn Ochoa

Transaction Coordinator
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Angela Valley

Media Specialist

Border7 Studios

Marketing Specialist

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